If you are thinking about certifying your English level with an official exam, we will help you prepare for it.

Attic offers specific preparation groups in which you can take real mock exams throughout the course to keep track of your progress and, once you are ready, we search for an examination sitting and manage your exam registration.

If you are not sure about which is the best exam to certify your English level, we will advise you about the different certifications and will search for the best exam according to your needs.

Do you need to certify your English level officially? Sign up for our Cambridge courses!

PET (B1): Tuesday and Thursday from 19 to 20:30 h.
FCE (B2): Monday and Wednesday from 19 to 20:30 h.
CAE (C1): Monday and Thursday from 19 to 20:30 h.

*For other schedules, contact us!


The Cambridge University exams are the most popular and acknowledged throughout the world to certify your English level.

Its certifications range from levels A2 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and, unlike with other oficial exams, the exam can either be passed or failed, only obtaining the diploma if you reach the minimum percentage mark, which varies according to the level. Another feature that differences these certifications from others is that they do not expire.

The exam consists of several tests (Reading, Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking) that help measure your speaking and writing skills.

They are highly accepted among companies that wish to know their workers’ English level and among those college students that need to certify a foreign language to obtain their Degree. Some universities request these certifications as a minimum access requirement for foreign students.



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The Test of English as Foreign Language, best known as TOEFL, is an exam that assesses your language skills in the academic field. It is the best option for those students that wish to undertake university studies abroad, especially in the United States, where many Universities request this certification as a minimum access requirement for non-native students.

Unlike the Cambridge exams, TOEFL is valid for 2 years. It consists of 4 tests and there is no passing or failing mark, you simply obtain a mark between 0 and 120.


The Test of English for International Communication, or TOEIC, certifies your English level for the work sphere. Despite being little known in our country, many American companies request this certification as a requirement for hiring foreign workers.

The exam consists of a test with 200 multiple choice questions with 4 options, and as other certifications, there is no failing mark, but evaluates the different language skills with a mark that ranges from 0 to 990 points. It is also valid for 2 years.


The International English Language Testing System, best known as IELTS, has two modalities: the IELTS Academic, that certifies your English level for academic institutions, and the IELTS General Training, which is more oriented towards the work sphere.

This certificate originates from Cambridge University and the British Council, for this reason it assesses British English, although it is highly accepted among Universities and companies throughout the world, in both Europe and the United States or Australia.

It also has a validity of 2 years and the mark ranges from 1 to 9.

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